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Mission Programs

Our mission is to provide guidance and wisdom on end of-life services. While we do charge for our services in what has become a very commercial industry, we are committed as a charity to offer innovative programs that provide financial assistance, free options, and programs to meet the needs of our faith community.

Pastoral Care Program
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Precious Lives Program

Mount Carmel Cemetery

History & Facilities

Mt. Carmel Cemetery is located in Wyandotte, Wayne County, Michigan and has been in operation since 1865. Ironically, this cemetery has often been confused as having been administered by Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Wyandotte, which was not established until 1899. The cemetery was originally composed of 10 acres and held over 8,000 interments. In November, 2004, an additional one acre was added to the cemetery.

A traditional cemetery, it is filled with beautiful and graceful monuments from many years back, honoring many of the older Catholic families from the Downriver Area. A good example is the Cahalan Family, with many attorneys and physicians, including Former Wayne County Prosecutor William Cahalan.

Many priests who served the Detroit Archdiocese are interred on these sacred grounds, as Fr. Leo Jarecki, Fr. George Fortuna, Fr. John A. Krause to name a few. Also about a dozen Felician Sisters are interred here from the very early 1900’s who had serviced some of the Wyandotte parishes. Many Veterans lie here from the Civil War to the more recent conflicts that America has faced.

The grounds are a peaceful setting that offers a columbarium and traditional ground burials. Currently Mt. Carmel is the only Archdiocesan cemetery that offers natural burials known as “green” burials. Green burial means not being embalmed, being buried in the ground without a vault, in a bio-degradable container, having as low an impact on the environment as possible. Please call to find out more information. The Archdiocese of Detroit manages this parish cemetery.

  • Granite Niches available
  • Green Burials
  • Flush and upright granite memorials
  • Bench memorials

How May We Help You Today?

Immediate Need Pre - Planning