August 13, 1968 - July 14, 2021


Kenneth M. Stanley

Ken was very passionate about his job as a design engineer. He was very good at it and took great pride in it. His co-workers looked up to him because of his talents and skills. He worked hard for the success of the company and helped out any way he could. He aspired to be like his father who was successful in his own professional life. Ken loved working on his home. He loved doing home improvements and building things. He designed the layout of his house and even supervised and helped with the construction. He never ran out of projects and completing them always made him very happy. Ken loved decorating his house especially during Christmas time. He would put up so many bright lights outside his house that you could see his house from afar. Inside the house, Christmas decors were all over the place, with two Christmas trees to top everything off. It was truly a spectacular sight to see. Ken enjoyed gardening and always looked forward to summer when his flowers and plants would be in full bloom. He loved shopping for perennials and was always excited to see them grow back the following year. Every spring, he would buy tons of flowers and plants so that by the time all were planted and settled, the house would look like a mini park with different blooms left and right. Ken was a big U of M fan. He was a season ticket holder and eagerly looked forward to each football season. It gave him such a thrill to watch the game, live or on TV, and loved spending time with his wonderful tailgate friends. He owned many U of M sweatshirts, t-shirts and jackets. He had gloves, scarves, phone cases, phone chargers, mugs, cups, all with the U of M logo. Often, one would find him wearing his favorite U of M cap while spending time with friends and family. He adored and doted on Baxter, a teacup Maltese, who followed him everywhere and snuggled with him all the time. He loved taking him for walks and going on bike rides around the neighborhood, with Baxter saddled on his back inside a little doggie backpack. Ken was very charming and can befriend anyone, anywhere, anytime. His mom whom he loved dearly once said that even as a young child, he would find Ken talking comfortably with strangers he met in stores or at the mall. Ken was very kind and very generous. He happily helped neighbors with yard work or snowplowing, making sure they were okay. He paid for other people's groceries from time to time. He volunteered as a Salvation Army Santa and also helped in soup kitchens. He provided free handyman work for friends and even friends of friends. Ken loved giving gifts. He bought them, wrapped them and watched you open them because he always knew exactly what you wanted or needed. In the same way, Ken also loved receiving gifts. He ejoyed tearing through the wrapping paper to see what he's got. And if he really loved the gift, his face would light up brightly like a little child. He would dance around joyfully, happily with his new treasure. It was such a joy to see. Ken loved his family deeply. He kept in touch with them frequently and always made it a point to remember them on every special occasion throughout the year. When visiting with his family, he would spend hours talking to them, sharing stories, jokes and fun times they've had. He was always very happy when he was with them and always looked forward to being them. As a friend, Ken was very loyal and true. He literally gave the shirt off his back to help a friend out, not just once, but many many times. He came to a friend's rescue without expecting anything in return. He kept in touch with them as often as he could and loved reminiscing the fun times they shared throughout the years. As a significant other, Ken was everything anyone could ever ask for, and more. He was the sun and the moon. He was a protector and defender. He was a friend and companion. A lover. A soul mate. He saw you; agonized over your sorrows, rejoiced in your happiness, dreamed your dreams, and sometimes, even made them come true. Ken touched many lives with his kindness, compassion, love and generosity. His sudden passing is truly heartbreaking. But he will continue to live in our minds and our hearts, remembering him always in our own special way. We will miss you, Ken. We love you. Ken is survived by his parents Frank (Brenda) Stanley and Gayla (the late Steve) Heldenbrand, his siblings, Frank L (Cindy) Stanley, Jason C. (Julie) Stanley, and Shanda R. Shelton, his loving partner Benjamin Macandog, and his teacup Maltese, Baxter, whom he loved and adored. Visitation Monday July 19th, 4:00pm - 8:00pm at the Wm. Sullivan and Son Funeral Home, 705 W. Eleven Mile Rd. (4 blocks east of Woodward) Royal Oak. Funeral service Tuesday 11:00am at the funeral home. Interment Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

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